Hoppy Heidelberg
by David Hoffman

"No one who saw McVeigh with other suspects, was ever allowed to testify before the Federal Grand Jury."
-- Former Grand Juror Hoppy Heidelberg

When David Hall at KPOC-TV asked the FBI about the All Points Bulletin they had put out on the brown pick-up containing John Doe #2 immediately after the bombing, they denied any knowledge of it. But when Hall, who had a copy of the dispatch, played it back for them, the FBI suddenly had "no comment."

"It's strange that the official version has focused on Nichols and McVeigh, and that the government is now busily engaged in denying all possibility that there could be anybody else," said Nichols' attorney Michael Tigar. [15]

Hoppy Heidelberg was one of the Grand Jurors charged with the task of evaluating the evidence. Heidelberg, who quoted often from the juror's handbook, was aware that the Grand Jury was charged with the task of determining the relevance of the evidence, and asking those questions pertinent to the case. So far, all the evidence presented by the government centered around Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. Heidelberg wanted to know why prosecutors had not subpoenaed the many witnesses who had seen John Doe #2.

"No one who saw McVeigh with other suspects, was ever allowed to testify before the Federal Grand Jury," said Heidelberg.

But Patrick Ryan seemed to be controlling the Grand Jury. He did not like Heidelberg's tendency to go against the flow. In the letter to the victims, Ryan states:

The United States has never maintained or even suggested, that no other person or persons were involved with McVeigh and Nichols in the commission of these crimes. As stated earlier, the question of involvement of others is the subject of intensive investigation by federal investigators and prosecutors who are totally devoted and committed to identifying and prosecuting all persons involved in the planning or commission of these crimes.

Heidelberg was eventually dismissed by federal Judge David Russell for having the audacity to question the prosecution's evidence. The government's excuse for dismissing Heidelberg was an anonymous interview he gave with Media Bypass magazine. But Heidelberg claims the real reason was a letter he wrote to Judge Russell dated October 5th, in which Heidelberg states:

The families of the victims deserve to know who was involved in the bombing, and there appears to be an attempt to protect the identity of certain suspects, namely John Doe #2...

"I think they (the government) knows who John Doe #2 is, and they are protecting him," said Heidelberg in an interview in Jubilee Magazine. "This is because John Doe #2 is either a government agent or informant and they can't afford for that to get out." [16]

But Heidelberg's brush with the government didn't end there. After agreeing to an interview with Janya Davis at KFOR, he received a call from the U.S. Attorney telling him that a reporter was on her way and that he was not to talk to her, or he would be arrested.

"They tried everything to shut me up," Heidelberg said. "they have said they were going to throw me in jail. When that didn't work, they got down on their hands and knees and begged. I mean... they have tried everything to keep me from talking to the press about this." [17]